Source: (2000) 2000 FGDM Roundtable Proceedings. Englewood, Colorado: National Center on Family Group Decision Making, American Humane. Downloaded 1 December 2005.

The Family and Community Compact (FCC) program of Kent Country, Michigan, receives referrals for substantiated child protection cases in which the Children’s Protective Services working who investigated the case determines that the child must be removed from home and the following conditions are met: the case does not involve sexual abuse; the parents agree to participate in the program; and family preservation service attempts have been unsuccessful. Given these criteria, this FGDM program receives a wide variety of referrals, but only about 20% lead to a family meeting that develops a successful placement plan. The evaluation of this program provides an opportunity to explore how different types of child maltreatment and family stressors influence the FGDM process. This workshop included an overview of the Kent County FGDM program, types of child maltreatment, characteristics of FGDM referrals in Kent County and two case studies. (excerpt)

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