Source: (2007) Winchester, United Kingdom: Waterside Press.

"An uncompromising appraisal of the unprecedented penal crisis affecting the United Kingdom and other Western-style democracies. Escalating resort to prisons, longer sentences, overcrowded and ineffective regimes, high rates of re-offending and eclectic penal policy all combine to fuel this crisis, whilst failing to reduce offending. In this new book, David J. Cornwell argues that the symptoms of this penal malaise are grounded largely in media sensationalism of crime and the need of politicians and their advisers to retain a distorted form of credibility at elections. Change is long overdue, but it requires a fresh, contemporary penology based on Restorative Justice. The book challenges the status quo, asks 'different questions' and places victims of crime at the centre of the criminal justice process." (excerpt)