Source: (2004) Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution. 19(3): 1059-1087.

Jerri Fosnaught begins this article with the observation that the armed forces have a problem. The problem is not diminishing. It may indeed be increasing. The problem consists of an alarming number of violent crimes, including incidents of domestic violence, committed by service members. Despite efforts by the armed forces to remedy the situation, domestic violence among service members occurs more frequently than it does among the civilian population. In response, Fosnaught focuses on using restorative mediation to diffuse disputes that lead to violence. Restorative mediation, she maintains, will significantly help to reduce the escalation of disputes toward domestic violence, and it will help to preserve relationships. To make her case, Fosnaught describes the extent of and reasons for this problem; discusses why the armed forces should provide a restorative mediation program for domestic disputes and conflicts; and sets forth a framework for the program.