Officials travelled to various model prisons around the world – in England, the United States, Holland, France, China and Colombia – to choose elements they wanted to incorporate.

Ian Worthington, the ambassador from Britain, which provided technical assistance to the project, is enthusiastic about its success.

"Of the 36 prisons in the island, 11 have been converted already. The women's prison has a re-offence rate of less than five percent, which is unheard of," he said. "Although the prison has only been open for less than three years, the initial signs are hugely encouraging."

"When you visit there you see that there are the number of people in the cell that the cell was built for - you don't get the overcrowding," he added. "Their liberty is withheld, but their dignity is respected. This has helped people accept the training for skills that the women can use after they go out from the prison."

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