Source: (2006) London: House of Commons

3. We generally endorse the structure and flexibility of the draft guideline. It is based on three levels of seriousness, with helpful lists of aggravating and mitigating factors which create the fluidity necessary for proportionate sentencing for offences where the range of conduct is wide. We note that the impact on victims is explicitly taken into account. The Sentencing Advisory Panel recognised the need for separate guidelines for adult and youth offenders, and different sentencing ranges are accordingly presented. There have been several significant changes since the Panel gave its advice: the Council has produced a guideline addressing the assessment of seriousness, and the provisions on the sentencing of dangerous offenders (in the Criminal Justice Act 2003) have come into force. This Report does not aim to comment in detail on all aspects of the draft guideline, but to set out some basic background and then focus on issues of particular concern. (excerpt)

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