Source: (2005) VOMA Connections. Fall(21): 5, 12-13.

E Makua Ana is the transition of becoming an adult in Hawaiian. In Hawaii over 130 youth circles have been held for teens leaving the foster care program. This group of youth are one of the most vulnerable groups of young people in the country. Unemployment, welfare and prison are common deadends for former foster care youth. In this article Walker describes the responsibility of the facilitator in completing a successful circle experience. "The Youth Circle is a chance for at-risk foster youth to learn by engaging in and even by sometimes failing to make healthy and effective decisions. The re-Circle is valuable for the youth because it shows them that planning is an on-going process, and that failing to achieve something is not a reason to give up trying something else. The opportunity to learn that they have support and how their decisions can influence their lives can only have positive influences on their futures." (exerpt)

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