Source: (2000) Montreat, NC: House of Hope Publications.

The Middle East has been and continues to be a region of intense, bitter, and violent conflict. Amid the conflict are certain movements or currents for peace and peacemaking. One of them is the House of Hope International Peace Center in Shefa-Amer, an Arab town in Galilee in Israel. At the time of writing this book, the town had a population of about 30,000 people made up of three different communities: Christians; Muslims; and Druze. The director of the House of Hope is Elias Jabbour, a Palestinian, Christian, Israel-Arab citizen with a vision for peace and peacemaking in a region of tension and conflict. The House of Hope was established in 1978. In this book Jabbour discusses the issues in the region, as well as the origins and aims of the House of Hope; voices of peace in the area and traditional Arab methods of conflict resolution and peacemaking; efforts to promote peace between Arabs and Jews; and challenges to peace. In addition to explanation and analysis of the situation and approaches to resolving conflicts, the book contains many resources. These include illustrative stories and experiences relating to actual conflicts and efforts to seek peace and reconciliation, letters and accounts from visitors to the House of Hope, and speeches given by Jabbour in various settings.