Source: (2002) Reentry Partnership Initiatives (RPI) series. College Park, MD: Bureau of Governmental Research, University of Maryland, College Park. Downloaded 28 May 2004.

In the late 1990s the Office of Justice Programs of the United States Department of Justice developed a series of system-wide reentry initiatives to focus on reducing recidivism of offenders. One of the initiatives consists of the Reentry Partnership Initiatives. This includes formation of a partnership between criminal justice, social service, and community groups to develop and implement a reentry process for offenders following incarceration. This paper documents an evaluation of Reentry Partnership Initiative (RPI) programs conducted by the Bureau of Governmental Research at the University of Maryland, College Park. The report covers a number of aspects of such programs, particularly the roles of the police, institution, treatment provider, community corrections, and victim in the reentry process.