Source: (1998) In “Circle Sentencing: The Silence Speaks Loudly. Considering Whether the Victims’ Needs Can Be Met through Circle Sentencing.â€? Thesis for the degree of Master of Arts in Gender Studies to the University of Northern British Columbia. Prince George, BC: University of Northern British Columbia.

In this document – chapter four of her thesis on circle sentencing and victims’ needs – Charlene Levis looks at issues concerning circle sentencing in relation to meeting the needs of victims and empowering victims. Specifically, she identifies four criteria that she believes will improve the chances of victims’ needs being met through circle sentencing. In this regard, she discusses assessing community readiness, assessing suitability of particular cases, preparing for the circle sentencing, and monitoring and evaluating the outcome. The concrete context for her study is First Nation society and Aboriginal justice in modern Canada.

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