Source: (2005) In, Nielsen, Marianne O. and Zion, James W., editors, Navaja Nation Peacemaking. Living Traditional Justice. The University of Arizona Press. Tucson pp.202-205

This collection of articles on Navajo peacemaking should not require an epilogue because the chapters need no excuse; they speak for themselves. However, examining the broad sweep of the history of American Indians, and particularly looking at failed experiments to “civilize” Indians (such as the General Allotment Act of 1887 and controlled courts of Indian Offenses), an epilogue to look at the future, the “dream” of peacemaking is appropriate. Peacemaking requires a leap of faith for acceptance by those who are used to Western law and adjudication. This book collects over twenty years of observations of Navajo peacemaking. But we must still ask – will peacemaking last into the future, or will it be only a midsummer night’s dream? Reviewing the foundations for a dream of the future is important, because in Navajo linguistic and philosophy, what you dream can become real. (excerpt)