Source: (2006) In, Ivo Aertsen, Tom Daems and Luc Robert, editors, Institutionalizing Restorative Justice. Cullompton, Devon and Portland: Willan Publishing Press pp.282-301

As editors, we had two options to conclude this book. Either we could abruptly stop the book here – if that option was taken out job was done – or we could try to facilitate a reading of this book by pinpointing a number of important topics and issues. The second option seemed more attractive to us. Without claims of presenting an exhaustive overview of overarching themes, questions dealt with, answers provided or points taken, this Epilogue offers readers a number of issues which are addressed in the chapters, at times in quite divergent ways. Reading (and rereading) the contributions allowed us to identify a number of common questions not directly tackled, yet of importance for anyone thinking about or working in the field of restorative justice. (excerpt)