Source: (2003) Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference On Restorative Justice. Centre for Restorative Justice. 1-4 June. Vancouver BC. Downloaded 16 June 2003.

In this paper, we present the action-research with regard to a pilot-project set up in Flanders, Belgium on conferencing for serious juvenile delinquents. Firstly, we give a brief overview of the project: it is set up at the level of the youth court and can be used for youngsters that have committed rather serious crimes. A referral procedure was worked out so it can be implemented within the existing juvenile justice system. Secondly, we present the research linked to the pilot-project, which is funded by the Flemish Government of Welfare. The general aim of the research is to find out whether the New-Zealand model of conferencing can work within a Belgian context. Five research questions were put forward, and further issues arise when implementing the project. Different research methods are used, namely the study of the dossier, an observation scheme, interviews with parties involved, a written questionnaire for the facilitator and interviews with professionals. Excerpt.

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