Source: (2007) Center for the Study of Violence, South Africa, & International Development Research Centre, Canada.

From the 2nd to the 4th of April 2007, practitioners in the field of Transitional Justice convened in a workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, to consider the challenges and opportunities for evaluating projects and programs whose principal objectives are linked to the goals of transitional justice. The group was also introduced to “Outcome Mapping” (OM) a planning, monitoring and evaluation methodology developed by IDRC and its partners, as one option for evaluating transitional justice interventions in Africa. This report seeks not only to document that discussion, but also to engender a dialogue that would explore the strengths and limitations of the Outcome Mapping Methodology for transitional justice in Africa; create a space wherein IDRC may continue to support this dialogue; create a reference group active on the continent to pursue the development of M & E tools in relation to transitional justice work and to influence the international development funding environment on appropriate evaluation methodologies, through robustly engaging practitioners on their experiences in the field. (excerpt)

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