Source: (2005) Report 2005-02. Ottawa, Canada: Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. Downloaded 22 August 2005.

The Collaborative Justice Project (CJP) is a demonstration project running in the Ottawa area that employs a restorative justice approach in cases of serious crime. The CJP introduces a process that runs parallel to the legal justice system; a process that is designed to offer individual support to victims, assist the accused in taking responsibility for the harm caused, and provide parties with an opportunity to work together towards an appropriate resolution proposal. Criteria for acceptance into the program were as follows: (1) the crime was serious in nature, (2) at least one victim was interested in receiving assistance, and (3) the accused has accepted responsibility by entering a guilty plea and has indicated a desire to make amends. The CJP’s program goal is to empower individuals affected by crime to achieve satisfying justice through a restorative approach. The goals of this evaluation were threefold: (1) to determine whether a restorative approach can be applied in cases of serious crime at the pre-sentence stage of the criminal justice system, (2) to determine whether the CJP successfully met its mandate and program goals, and (3) to expand the empirical base regarding restorative justice research. (excerpt)

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