Source: (2002) Solicitor General Canada. In, Restorative Justice Orientation Training Information Package. Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution Branch, Correctional Services Canada.

The Solicitor General of Canada encourages new projects to promote effective justice practice throughout Canada. One such effort is the Collaborative Justice Project (CJP). It is a joint project among the Ottawa Crown Attorney, Justice Canada, the Solicitor General, Correctional Services Canada, and the Church Council on Justice and Corrections. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate how an approach that promotes healing and repair in cases of serious crime can deliver more satisfying justice to victims, the accused, and the community. This paper is a preliminary report assessing whether, how, and why CJP works. The report covers the clients served by the project, activities directed to meet the needs of clients, the reactions of clients and other key participants, and the value added by a restorative justice approach.