Source: (2010) Brisbane: Department of Justice and Attorney General.

There are a number of reasons why Indigenous people are over-represented within the criminal justice system. These range from offending patterns, impact of policing and law, cultural differences and understanding of what constitutes a crime, geographical and environmental factors, socio-economic factors, marginalisation and the impact of specific colonial policies. Indigenous justice initiatives contribute to efforts to reduce recidivism and re-offending behaviour. While there are no conclusive studies that indicate the positive effect of Indigenous justice initiatives on reducing the rate of recidivism, there have been observations made by justice stakeholders that, in their experience, Indigenous justice initiatives can have a positive impact on reducing recidivism. Key principles underpinning like programs include the promotion of community responsibility and the recognition of Indigenous values within the western justice system. While the program design, funding levels and activities of like initiatives may vary, most play a role in supporting Indigenous offenders when they are already in the criminal justice system. (excerpt)

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