Source: (2002) Connecticut Judicial Branch. December. Downloaded 19 October 2005.

Among the first of its kind in the United States, the Hartford Community Court (Hartford, Connecticut) was established in 1998 to address “quality of life” crimes which erode community well-being and safety. The court is committed to restorative justice for the community and the defendant. In this framework, the court has an in-house social services team to respond to the defendant’s needs and a community service program for the community. The Connecticut Judicial Branch engage the Justice Education Center, Inc., to evaluate the Hartford Community Court with respect to its restorative justice principles and objectives. This document conveys the findings of the evaluation. It has three main parts. The initial part introduces the court: background; principles; sentencing policy; number and types of cases; and community outreach. The second part is the bulk of the report, with research findings presented thus: the research methods; and the results of interviews with focus groups and stakeholders on strengths, impact, and weaknesses of the court. The third part consists of several appendices with sample interview questions, consent forms and questionnaires, demographic impact, and bibliography.

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