Source: (2002) Law and Contemporary Problems. 72(2):193-198.

The Meridian Institute, an organization with expertise in designing, facilitating, and mediating collaborative problem-solving processes, works with parties to address conflicts and decisions associated with natural resources, science and technology, health, and security. Meridian’s role is to help diverse parties understand and make informed and durable decisions about complex and controversial issues. Meridian Institute’s work with watershed groups in northern New Mexico and with the William Bridges’ Transitions Framework offers an opportunity to explore the following questions from the perspective of a third-party facilitator: (1) Are apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation transferable to group processes?; (2) What has to be done to create opportunity for reconciliation?; (3) Can a durable solution be negotiated without both a public apology and an act of forgiveness or reconciliation? (excerpt)

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