....The Restorative Practices Program features conflict-resolution circles as well as student counseling, mentoring, and staff support. Conflict-resolution circles, also known as Justice Circles, are formed among groups of students with a staff member and community leader present. Together, students work through their problems and offer support to one another. Restorative Practices in schools actively involve the offender while encouraging students to solve conflicts in a peaceful, non-violent manner. Students are equipped with self-motivation, self-discipline, and empathy. In the long term,Restorative Practices teaches students to exhibit self-control and to take responsibility for their actions.

During the 2008-2009 school year, the partnership among the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, MPS, and the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative was strengthened. The assistant district attorneys implementing the program made 409 visits to 19 schools under the Initiative. Overall, there were 1,031 students who received guidance on using Restorative Practices to solve personal conflicts. There were 932 staff members and 35 parents from the community trained on how to implement RestorativePractices in their classrooms and homes.

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