Source: (1996) National Institute of Corrections, Texas Corrections Association, Canada Correctional Service, International Community Corrections Association.

This conference was convened by the International Community Corrections Association and other cosponsors to develop a more complete understanding among practitioners, policy-makers, and the public of the role of correctional services in the community; conference presentations focused on juvenile offenders, restorative justice, and correctional assessment methods. The conference featured an opening address that highlighted previous research conferences and outlined the scope and potential of the current conference. Research reports were presented on the design and implementation of successful correctional programs, panelists discussed community needs and political realities relative to corrections, and workshops examined successful treatment approaches and programs. The conference paper on restorative justice provided an entirely new framework for understanding and responding to crime and victimization, the emphasis in restorative justice being to elevate the role of crime victims and community members through more active involvement in the criminal justice process, to hold offenders directly accountable to the people they have violated, and to restore emotional and material losses of victims. Abstract courtesy of National Criminal Justice Reference Service,