Source: (2008) The Icfai University Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution. 7(3):37-48.

Alternative Dispute Redressal (ADR), which refers to the process of dispute resolution, denotes the idea of making the system of delivering justice friendly to the disputed parties and ensuring quick resolution of the disputed cases. As ADR is now a widely accepted process in a number of disputed contexts, it is compelling the policymakers to introduce it in other viable sectors. Criminal cases relating to petty offences can be considered as one such area. The criminal justice system emphasizes the role of the state in resolving offences to ensure peace and to protect the life and property of its subjects. However, it should be noted that many offences do not fall under the category of crimes affecting the state, but affecting only a particular individual or a group of individuals. In such cases, ADR can act as a viable option for resolving disputes between the victim and the offender. This article advocates that, when applied to criminal justice system, ADR would make it work more efficiently. (author's abstract)