...Aged just 13, Liam was part of a group that had trashed the Daveys’ house and car, but felt guilty even as he was participating.

“It was one of those moments where I followed everyone else, and when I was in the middle of it I realized ‘I shouldn't be here’.” 

With no prior offences, Liam was offered the opportunity to meet his victims face-to-face.

“I said, ‘definitely’,” Liam says, “I was actually really keen to say sorry to the people I'd done it to.”

Liam met with the Daveys last year, and Suzanne and Nick got to ask questions about whether they’d been targeted. Liam assured them that they were random victims. 

Liam also told them his personal story, and how the crime and police process had made him rethink his group of friends.

“I did feel compassion for him when he opened up and apologized,” says Nick. “I could see there was someone there who really had a sense of doing the wrong thing.”

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