Source: Chilliwack, British Columbia: Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Diversion Association

This document is a manual for trainers teaching facilitation skills to members of Restorative Justice Community Accountability Panels, or other models of restorative justice. The manual consists of content edited from taped transcripts of training sessions held for Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Diversion Association. There are three sections to the manual. Section 1 deals with the basics of communication. It covers the communications model, listening for the idea and not just the words, body language and communication, and awareness of attending behavior. Section 2 deals with the basics of facilitation. Topics include a definition of facilitation, balancing task and relationships in groups, providing feedback to panel members, sociograms and group dynamics, and a facilitator’s toolbox. Section 3 provides resources for troubleshooting the facilitation process. It looks at conflict resolution, balance among panel members, assertiveness, leadership problems, questioning skills, and dealing with silence.