Source: (2002) Metro Magazine (March 2): 61-68. St. Kilda West, Victoria, Australia: ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media). Downloaded 3 September 2004.

This document is a study guide by Ted Wachtel for a documentary film called "Facing the Demons." Michael Marslew was eighteen years old when he was killed in an armed robbery of a Pizza Hut in Sydney, Australia. In "Facing the Demons," friends and family of Michael Marslew confront two of the perpetrators of the crime in the setting of a restorative conference, under the guidance of Terry O’Connell, a police officer and conference facilitator. Wachtel discusses the nature and origins of conferencing, the conference participants in this case, reintegrative shaming, restorative justice, and various uses of conferencing. Wachtel also provides study questions and guides based on the movie and conferencing.