Source: (2004) Bradford, UK: The Programme for a Peaceful City, University of Bradford. Downloaded 21 February 2005.

On the evening of July 7, 2001, group violence of a racial nature shook Bradford, England. This violence followed other disturbances earlier in 2001 in a number of English cities. The authors of this report do not look at the causes of the riot, police conduct during the riot, or the charges and sentencing of particular individuals. Rather, they focus on significant questions raised concerning the lengths of the resulting custodial sentences in Bradford compared with those in consequence of disturbances in other times and places. Specifically, they examine questions about whether the punishment fit the crime, about public order and the law (especially with respect to the definition of a “riotâ€?), about the nature of public disorder in Bradford on July 7 and elsewhere at other times, and about comparative justice.

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