Source: (1998) Child Welfare Partnership FDM study, PSU. Portland State University, Oregon. Downloaded 12 December 2005.

This collection of instruments was used by Oregon's child welfare agency in 1998-1999 in exploratory studies of Family Unity Meetings. The information and evaluation forms are designed for use before, during and after the meeting, and include: Collaboration Scale - Family Perspective; Decision Process Ranking; Family Preparation for Meeting - Family Perspective; Invitations and Attendance; Meeting and Plan Information; Family Decision Meeting Evaluation; Overall Assessment Scale - Family Perspective; Post Meeting Interview - Caseworker Perspective; Pre-Meeting Interview with Caseworker/Facilitator; Shared Decision Making Questions/Prompts (for caseworkers); Amount and Adequacy of Say at Meeting (for participants); Shared Decision Making Questions/Prompts (for family members); Meeting Observation and Reflections - Researcher Perspective; and The Meeting Experience - Participant Perspective.

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