Source: (-0001) Policy, 26-30. Ministry of Public Security, Israel. Downloaded 22 November 2005.

Israel has been experimenting with Family Group Conferences (FGC) in Youth Justice for a number of years as an alternative for young offenders who have been blamed for breaking the criminal law. The initiators of the program in Israel are the Ministry of Public Security in cooperation with the Israel Police, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and the Joint-Ashalim organization. When project planning began in 1998-9, a key requirement was to adapt the idea from its implementation overseas (based on the New Zealand model) to Israeli conditions and needs — our particular population mix, the structure of our law enforcement system and our care and rehabilitation systems. This task was entrusted to a steering committee comprising representatives of the Ministry of Public Security, the Israel Police (IP), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Joint-Ashalim, and the Keshet Association. By late 2000 fieldwork began, at first in only a handful of police stations; by 2002 it had been expanded to the present number of twelve. (excerpt)

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