Source: (2000) Minnesota Supreme Court. State Court Administration. Court Services Division. American Bar Association. Downloaded 2 October 2003.

As the introduction to this report states, family group conferencing (FGC) is a way of engaging and encouraging families to use their existing strengths to prevent further abuse or neglect and to seek the best solution for the child or children involved. FGC is used primarily in child protection cases. Yet it may also be used for educational neglect, juvenile delinquency, and other family-type cases. A pilot FGC project was begun in Hennepin County, Minnesota, to respond to an increasing number of children who were living in out-of-home care for extended lengths of time and in multiple placements. This report summarizes the implementation and operation of that pilot project. The report covers the objectives and results of the project, the resources involved, and descriptive data accumulated from actual cases.

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