Danian Xu, a 49-year-old chef, was killed in the accident.

....Sun had attended a restorative justice conference with the victim's family and offered a $10,000 emotional harm payment, he said.

James Rapley said Ouyang told Sun he couldn't continue with the lie and they both went to the police and told them the truth.

Ouyang was the victim's employer and felt the death personally, he said.

He confessed to Mr Xu's wife, employed her, paid legal fees for residency for the family, and helped them with free food. The restorative justice report said she was extremely grateful, he said.

Judge Kevin Glubb said justice had been irrevocably obstructed and frustrated by the two men.

He said there had been a successful and compelling restorative justice conference, and both men had offered significant moral, financial and practical support to the Xu family.

He sentenced Ouyang to five months' home detention, and Sun to seven months' home detention and an emotional harm reparation payment of $10,000 to Mr Xu's widow.

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