Source: (-0001) Romania: Community Safety and Mediation Centre – Iasi. Downloaded 28 April 2005.

The overall purpose of the activities under this Sub-grant Agreement is development of the Romanian mediation capacity through introduction of new services, increased public awareness, and introduction of more modern legislation relative to mediation of disputes. The Sub-recipient will work closely with its U.S. partner, the Victim Offender Mediation Association (VOMA), as implementers. Activities under this Sub-grant Agreement have two general purposes: (a) Establish a network of three conflict resolution centres in the north-eastern Moldavian region of Romania with teams of mediators working under professional conditions to resolve family and community conflicts, and (b) Strengthen conflict mediation services in Romania through building local NGO capacity, create public awareness on the need for mediation services, and complete the documentary work on the new mediation law. (excerpt)

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