Source: (1999) In God and the victim: Theological reflections on evil, victimization, justice, and forgiveness, ed. Lisa Barnes Lampman and Michelle D. Shattuck, 1-16. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company; and Neighbors Who Care: Washington, D.C.

Using stories from the Bible and from contemporary crime victims, Lisa Lampman (president of Neighbors Who Care) and Michelle Shattuck explore the needs, challenges, and opportunities that Christians encounter in responding to the spiritual issues faced by victims of crime. The authors emphasize that victims have spiritual needs as well as practical and emotional needs. After identifying some of those spiritual issues, they discuss the difficulties people face in responding to the spiritual needs and questions of crime victims. Despite the difficulties, Lampman and Shattuck urge the importance of providing compassionate, sensitive assistance for crime victims’ spiritual needs.