Source: (2005) Marquette Law Review. 89(2):336-358.

Given both the worldwide influence of restorative justice programs and the increased media attention to United States programs,5 empirical studies that explore the relationship between the traditional criminal justice system and restorative justice programs are necessary. Two important research projects that explore this relationship in some depth include Mark Umbreit’s descriptive work on the process of victimoffender mediation programs involving severe crime in Texas and Ohio,6 and Barton Poulson’s small but insightful meta-analysis of victims’ and offenders’ psychological evaluations of both criminal and restorative justice programs.7 We do not seek to replicate the important findings of such studies designed to assess the impact of the programs. Rather, we extend our work to examine communication in these contexts through a close examination of one offender’s journey through the criminal justice system and his eventual participation in a restorative justice program. (excerpt)