Source: (2001) Abridged version. Berlin: Federal Ministry of the Interior and Federal Ministry of Justice. Downloaded 3 May 2004.

The objective of this report is to put together the most comprehensive picture possible of the crime situation in Germany. For the first time in a report, it will draw together findings taken from the existing pool of official data, particularly from data provided by the criminal statistics of the police and by the statistics of the administration of criminal justice. At the same time, the report will use as a reference the results of scientific research into the manifestation and causes of criminality. Aided by more extensive findings, taken particularly from the area of research into undetected crime as well as from interviews with victims, this portrait of the crime situation will be brought into a more scientific light and will be complemented by knowledge gained from the victims’ perspective. The analysis of material from existing data will take place for Germany as a whole. (excerpt)