The practical aspects of the ‘Certificate 1 in Building and Construction’ involve site preparation, layout, formwork and concreting for a footpath and a ‘pathway’ to an apprenticeship or a career as a builder’s labourer. Each year Council allocates $1M a year to footpath reconstruction and could add a further incentive to the program by offering qualified youths a proper wage to do a few weeks work on a footpath project, preferably in their own neighbourhood.

This would be a win all round, young people would be given an opportunity to engage with society and pick up important employment skills that are in short supply and understand the relationship of reward for effort, while the city gains much needed footpaths and reduced vandalism as youthful energy is re-directed towards more constructive purposes.

“This is genuine restorative justice” Alderman Mulder said, “Footpaths to pathways.”