Source: (2001) Madison, WI: Dane County Human Services, Community Planning Team.

The aim of this strategic document is to detail the vision, mission, and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for all citizens of Dane County, Wisconsin, centered around the principles of balanced and restorative justice. The first section introduces the report and Dane County. The second section covers three areas: the integration of prior efforts into a comprehensive strategy for the future; the emphasis on family based services; and an elaboration of balanced and restorative justice in Dane County around four principles – competency development, accountability, community protection, and prevention. The third section elaborates the plan to implement this comprehensive balanced and restorative justice strategy. The last two sections present workgroup reports and Dane County’s comprehensive action plan. At the end of the strategic document is a lengthy set of appendices (about twice the length of the strategic document) on various topics related to balanced and restorative justice in Dane County. Appendix A reports on critical conditions affecting the welfare of African-American youth in Dane County. Appendix B contains a spreadsheet of Juvenile Service System services and program descriptions of Dane County’s community-based services. Appendix C details risk factors for youth and Dane County data collection worksheets. Appendix D includes tools for juvenile delinquency intake assessment. Appendix E presents a number of flowcharts, including system decision points, juvenile court physical custody process, juvenile court process outline, and an event flow for delinquency and juveniles in need of protection and services. Appendix F provides program descriptions for juvenile accountability block grants.