Source: (2001) In Response to James Turner Johnson's lecture 'Can Force be Used Justly?' The 2001 Kuyper Lecture. November. Fordon Collenge, Wenham, MA. Downloaded 5 May 2003.

Daniel Van Ness begins his consideration of force and restorative justice by recounting the story of a crime of vandalism committed by several youth and the mediation process between the offenders and the victims following the adjudication of the crime. It stands as an example of restorative justice, according to Van Ness. Van Ness then goes on to define restorative justice and identify four values or components that are key to it: making amends; reintegrating into the community; encountering the other; and involving all parties in the process. With all of this in view, Van Ness examines the issue of force in relation to restorative justice, with particular reference to the idea of shalom in the Biblical sense.

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