Source: (2011) Revisioning Justice. Restorative Justice Week 2011. Correctional Services Canada.

Our work in RJ demands a skill that both transcends and includes our direct engagement with participants. Beyond facilitating dialogue in the aftermath of harm, RJ practitioners have the implicit role of facilitating a gradual, collective re-visioning of justice in society. As we look up from our immediate work to the larger conversations that form our social and political environment, we observe that to practice RJ is to engage with the retributive and adversarial frames of justice that constitute the status quo. Whether we wish it or not, our work brings us into dialogue with the people who by their views uphold an apparently different conception of justice. The stance we take in engaging with the deep-seated impulse towards punishment is of vital importance. It will be paramount to the success of our attempts at re-visioning justice in accordance with restorative values. (excerpt)