Source: (2001) With a foreword by Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu. Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press.

This book grew out of an October 1999 symposium on Forgiveness and Reconciliation, sponsored chiefly by the John Templeton Foundation. The symposium and book constitute part of the continuing Campaign for Forgiveness Research, also made possible by the same foundation. The book consists of essays or chapters organized around themes of forgiveness and reconciliation in relation to public policy and conflict transformation: Part I deals with the theology of forgiveness; Part II, with forgiveness and public policy; Part III, with forgiveness and reconciliation; and Part IV, with seeking forgiveness after tragedy. Participants in the symposium and contributors to the book include public policymakers, theologians, and other academics. Biographical information on the authors is given at the end of the book. An appendix provides a list of worldwide organizations promoting forgiveness and reconciliation. Each listing contains contact information and a synopsis of the organization’s purpose and work.