Source: (2000) Swarthmore Lecture 2000. London: Quaker Home Service.

This book is based on the 2000 Swarthmore Lecture by Tim Newell. Newell, a Quaker and a prison governor in England, writes out of that spiritual tradition and his own practical experience. The book includes rigorous analysis of issues in criminality and criminal justice, as well as practical examples of people involved in and affected by crime. Specific topics include the following: the current state of criminal justice; restorative justice and community safety; restorative and community justice in practice; theology, justice, and forgiveness; organizational and cultural change; Quaker social witness; proposals for criminal justice reform; and suggestions toward a Quaker vision of community justice. Additional material at the end of the book covers ideas for practical ways to be involved, outlines of key points in the development of prisons in England and Wales from the eleventh century to the present, a glossary of terms, and a relevant bibliography.