Source: (2002) Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management. Royal Roads University, Canada.

A community is impacted by youth criminal activity and the conflict, used functionally can promote positive societal change and participant involvement. Volunteers play a critical role in providing the mechanism to deal with issues attributable to the youth wrongdoing. The Fort McMurray Youth Justice Committee, as a conflict management system administers a restorative justice non-judicial intervention for youth through the Alternative Measures Program. The research opportunity through action research methodology lies in gaining a greater understanding of the role of community volunteers who administer the Alternative Measures Program in Fort McMurray, their influence on the lives of those affected by youth crime, the support they offer the judicial system, and the role they play in conflict resolution processes. This study investigates current committee goals and practices in relation to the effectiveness of volunteers from interviews, community participation, observation, and literature review. The compilation of recommendations drawn from analysis, presents an opportunity for the Fort McMurray Youth Justice Committee to further develop and evaluate their role as a conflict management organization. (Author's abstract).