Source: (2004) In David R. Karp and Thom Allena, eds., Restorative Justice on the College Campus: promoting student growth and responsibility, and reawakening the spirit of campus community. Springfield, Ill. : C.C. Thomas. Pp. 142-155.

The Greek community or environment referred to in this chapter consists of fraternities and sororities on college and university campuses. The Greek environment offers many positive things to members and the larger campus community. That environment can also lead to serious problems for members, campuses, and even the local community. A search of relevant headlines over the years would generate numerous stories of minor to major to fatal harms caused by or connected with the Greek system. Of the authors, all four are student affairs professionals in higher education, and three are alumni of Greek organizations. Hence, they write from professional and personal experience. Based on their collective knowledge, they explore the Greek experience and how it relates to restorative processes. More specifically, the authors discuss the following topics: the variety of internal restorative processes already being used by local and national Greek organizations; the foundational values of Greek organizations; significant issues facing fraternities and sororities; important things people should know when working with Greek chapters; and how all of this relates to the application of restorative processes with members of Greek chapters.