Source: (2010) In, Robert j. Schreiter, et. al, editors, Peacebuilding: Catholic theology, ethics, and praxis. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. pp. 421-448.

In the first chapter of this volume Scott Appleby raised these questions: why should the Catholic Church be interested in peacebuilding, and, in such a case, what is the shape of a Catholic approach to peacebuilding? The rest of this book has been an extended conversation about these questions. In this concluding chapter I would like first to draw together strands of that conversation to look at where we find ourselves today in Catholic peacebuilding -- both in its potential contribution to the wider field of peacebuilding as well as in its limitations. Then, I would like to raise some points about future directions regarding both the development of a Catholic approach to peacebuilding and what that might mean for the larger enterprise of peacebuilding worldwide today. (excerpt)