Source: (2001) Fourth National Outlook Symposium on Crime in Australia- New Crimes of New Responses. Canberra, Australia 21-22 June, Canberra Australian Institute of Criminology. .

Anticipating significant economic and technological developments in the years ahead, Fox identifies six areas in which he foresees changes in criminal law and procedure in the twenty-first century. These are the areas: (1) the shifting of sovereignty over criminal law from the local to the national and international; (2) the search for corporate sanctions, especially with respect to multinational corporations; (3) the application of civil remedies as an alternative to criminal remedies; (4) procedural reform, with respect both to management and cost, and to the investigation and pursuit of serious criminal activity; (5) issues of decriminalization of sex and drugs; and (6) rethinking the values, doctrines, and purposes of the substantive criminal law.

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