Source: (2007) In John Hamel and Tonia L. Nicholls, Ed., Family Interventions in Domestic Violence. New York, USA: Springer Publishing Company. Pp. 247-273.

"Current policy toward domestic violence, including criminal justice and mental health responses that favor psychoeducational same-sex group treatment for perpetrators (usually for men) and victim services for victims (almost always women), has proven to be shortsighted and limited in its effectiveness (Babcock, Green, & Robie, 2004; Mills, 2003). In this chapter, a critical review is undertaken of family interventions in domestic violence from the advocacy model to past and recent alternative treatment approaches that take into consideration the systemic, interactive, and complex nature of family violence. Afterward, procedures for assessment and treatment are outlined on the basis of a new, research-based gender-inclusive systems model." (excerpt)