Source: (2007) In John Hamel and Tonia L. Nicholls, Ed., Family Interventions in Domestic Violence. New York, USA: Springer Publishing Company. Pp. 561-577.

"Imagine being too afraid to return to your home. Imagine leaving your home in the dead of night with only the clothes on your back. Imagine sitting in your car with your children not knowing where to go or who to call. Every year, thousands of women, men, and children face these struggles, fearing the very place they live and the loved one they once trusted. The only refuge for many of these families is one of the more than 2,000 domestic violence shelters operating in the United States today, and while that number seems large, it is far from the number needed to assist the millions of victims in this country each year. Relatively speaking, animal shelters have outnumbered (and continue to outnumber) domestic violence shelters at a rate of two to one, an alarming comparison given the number of children fleeing violent homes every day." (excerpt)