Source: (2006) In, Tristan Anne Borer, editor, Telling the Truths: Truth Telling and Peace Building in Post- Conflict Societies. Notre Dame: University Of Notre Dame Press. pp.151-179

In regards to truth-telling, justice, and sustainable peace, a gender-sensitive analysis yields three essential contributions. First, gender-sensitive analyses will lead to a more complete and accurate understanding of “the truth” in war-torn societies. In this way, such analyses will contribute to authoritative accounts of violence in post-conflict settings. Second, gender-sensitive analyses will have practical applications for practitioners who can build on insights from these analyses to create policies designed to foster equality among men and women and justice for all victims of violence, both male and female, in war torn societies. Finally, a gender-sensitive analysis also will contribute to conceptual clarification in the study of truth-telling processes, transitional justice, and sustainable peace. A focus on gender typically has the benefit of encouraging rigorous analysis. (excerpt)