See the plates were direct and to my face, I can really do something with that.  The phone call came as a professional courtesy and in a few days I’ll know more about that.  For now, I know someone has feedback about me, they just gave it to someone else to give to me.  I am assuming that was the intention, but I don’t know.

The plates I was given really touched me.  A professional colleague gave me ‘LOVE’ and expressed how my love for the process of Circle, and being a self-proclaimed Circle Freak, really made things happen.  I was given INTEGRITY by a parent, in Circle because of a child’s harmful behavior.  The feedback was positive, immediate and it had an impact on me, that reinforced my behavior, attitude and passion for how I do this restorative work.

The phone call, caused me to be defensive.  I was hurt to get the call, and realized the messenger was not the issue.  I took a deep breath, sighed and offered there is more to the story.  The caller and I did not have time to get into the issue.  I was impacted by the call, I was hurt to know someone had tried to launch a complaint, or concern without me.  I started to mull over what the content of the concern might be.  I know I’m not perfect, and the process is not.

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