Source: (2004) IN, George Mair,ed., What Matters in Probation?. Cullompton, Devon,UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 146-169.

In this chapter Carol Hedderman and Mike Hough examine some of the tensions in current What Works policy about maintaining offenders’ compliance with conditions specified as part of probation supervision. Hedderman and Hough argue that a shift of emphasis in enforcement policy would increase the use of community penalties. This would help probation staff engage with offenders and make it clearer to offenders what is expected of them. The perspective of Hedderman and Hough is that a more coherent enforcement policy would increase the chances of supervision “workingâ€? and would thus strengthen the What Works initiative. To make their case, they begin with a brief history of enforcement. They then look at standards of enforcement; questions regarding the effectiveness of tough enforcement; and principles for forging a link between enforcement, compliance, and effective practice.