He said that, since the policy was approved by cabinet in 2013, the programme has been implemented in 11 inner city communities —Tower Hill, Nannyville, Trench Town and August Town in Kingston and St Andrew; Granville in St James; Effortville and Canaan Heights in May Pen, Clarendon; Homestead, March Pen Road and Ellerslie, St Catherine; and ‘Russia’ in Westmoreland.

Golding explained that a comprehensive automated case management system, which is critical to the successful implementation of Restorative Justice, has been acquired. He said that the system was extensively tested and is in use, allowing the capture of case data.

The restorative justice programme also collaborates with the Victim Support Division of the Ministry of Justice, he said. The counselling services of the division are utilised before victims face the offenders.

Senator Golding said that since the unit started taking cases, arising from disputes in the communities, in April, 2013 it has received 46 cases. Many of them have been resolved, while others have been referred to the formal justice system.

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