Source: (2007) In Robert Mackay, Marko Bosnjak, Johann Deklerck, Christa Pelikan, Bas van Stokkom, and Martin Wright, ed., Images of Restorative Justice Theory. Frankfurt, Germany: Verlag fur Polizeiwissenschaft. Pp. 56-72.

"This chapter first discusses the postmodern criminal policy and the way it manages crime prevention and security provision (section 2). It then analyses the consequences of this with regard to the way the (post-) regulatory state exercises power. This will be done both in the perspective of the theories on 'governmentality' (section 2.1) and of those of 'new governance', especially so on 'nodal governanace' (section 2.2). Based on the results of this analysis the chapter finally works out the implications the exertion of state power has for restorative justice in the perspective of both theories (section 3)." (abstract)